Hello, pals! As you may have noticed, especially after that last entry, I don’t post comics here anymore. I haven’t in awhile. BUT, Kate or Die has risen again, in a new and different form.


Patreon, as you probably know, is a website used to support artists. By becoming a patron and making a monthly pledge to an artist, you help them do what they do and (usually) get secrets, art, surprises and more in return.

For $1+ a month, you can get access to what I’m doing now. I started making personal strips again on there, and I’m not posting them anywhere else. The comment system on Patreon allows for a better conversation and also blogging, which is great! If you’re interested in that and have $12/year or more to spare, I’d love to have you join the club.

While I’m not posting these comics elsewhere online, I may do a small print collection for shows or etsy later on down the line, so fret not if it’s not in the budget right now.

Thank you for your support over the years, my comics here and elsewhere are still free to read! Also, I’m writing Hellcat for Marvel now, so you should totally read that. And School Spirit. And Vampirella, when it comes out.