You don’t know squat

I have been doing crossfit, and it is destroying my body in the most incredible way. I could survive it all so easily if it weren’t for those 3-4 seconds when I go to sit down on the terlet. The human body wasn’t meant to suffer like that.


I run a group online for women who work in comic shops called The Valkyries. We have about 80 members in over 65 stores internationally, and it’s pretty amazing. We’re recruiting RIGHT NOW, and you can sign up by clicking right here!

I am also obsessed with Welcome to Night Vale, which you ought to be listening to. I have been making some fan art, and they like it, and maybe we’re going to be doing some stuff TOGETHER? Oh ho ho, you stay tuned and find out!

Also, I am teaching a workshop/Q&A at the Halifax Youth Project this Wednesday (August 8th) from 6-8pm. It’s for LGBTQ youth and their allies 25 and under! Come talk about Adventure Time, online bullying, making your own comics and being a badass moon princess (or prince, or whatever!).  It should be fun and full of colourful hairdos.

Lastly, I’ll be tabled at the Dartmouth Comic Arts Festival on Sunday, August 18th. I’m going to bench press Meredith Gran. Just watch me.