Years go by

Hello, everyone! I am still alive and comics are still happening. I am working on many things lately that I can’t post, so comics have been a bit infrequent…


I am going to be at SPX in Maryland in a few weeks, and I will be at NYCC a month after that! Imagine! The world tour! I will not be tabling for the whole weekend in New York (I may be with Boom! for a bit, I’ll keep you posted), but I will be attending/mingling at the Night Vale live show on Thursday. I’m so excited! Did I mention how much I love Night Vale? Or that I am in the process of working on cool stuff with them which you will soon be able to own? Wheels within wheels, my friends – fires within fires.

Please take a gander at my Topatoco store, won’t you? That would be so kind.