Work It Out!

I’ve been trying to get off my lazy ass and start skating again after a nearly year-long hiatus from roller derby. The ‘commons’ in town installed an ice-skating oval this winter and now that the ice has melted, it’s a gigantic cement outdoor surface. I have no excuses not to, except my body screaming at me ‘WHY ARE YOU SO OUT OF SHAPE?!’ and reacting by seizing up into a rigor mortis-like state in protest.

The last few comics have been Super Tiny because I am preparing for TCAF on May 5 & 6! Will I see you there? I sure hope so.


I love your comics, and what I get to hear about you from your comics, but now seeing that you do Roller Derby? I’m a junior Roller Girls myself, on the Austin Derby Brats. This is so awesome. :3

Oh goodness. Exact opposite for me. Finish lifting some weights; collapse to the floor and groan till someone pours water into me. Then for the next few hours I feel like some kind of shiny god-man, deigning to move my mighty arms to turn this pathetic excuse for a door handle, striding the land with thunderous footfalls and such.

If only I exercised as much as I exagerated…

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