Why not me?!

People, right?


You know, it’s a valid question. Why can’t people be proud of who they are regardless of their sexual orientation? I’m 100% supportive of the LGTB community and of other cultures, but I’m not going to feel ashamed for NOT being part of them. I’ve never oppressed anyone in my life. I, and a lot of other straight white people, should be able to be proud of who they are as well.

Every month is straight white month, Kevin. Any given street in the western world on any given day is a straight white parade.

Kevin: Its because if you’re straight, you’ve never had been made to feel ashamed of your orientation in the first place. A pride parade for LGBT is a fuck you in the face of people who didn’t support them or think their lifestyle is wrong/disgusting/etc. It says they won’t back down or disappear out of fear. It’s not that straight people can’t like their sexual orientation but they we’re never held down/fired/beat up/verbally abused/kicked out/killed because of it. That’s where the difference is. Also if you actually really just like parades, you can always go to a Pride Parade as someone who’s supportive of the LGBT community.
LGBT doesn’t want to shame straight people with these events, they just want a place to feel represented and not repressed.

The same line of thinking goes into things like “Black Heritage Month”. Being under-represented and still having racial discrimination happening is what makes non-white races upset. They just want the recognition and respect that white people get by default and are largely unaware of even having.

I was going to make all the same arguments that you did,
but not as well and not as calmly. Good on you!

Speaking as a white man born in the USA, I have to agree with
the recent essay on ‘living life on the Easy setting’. The more
I’ve learned about what it’s like living in this society as a
person of relative non-privilege, I’m amazed that any women or
people of color are even willing to TALK to me.

I don’t think I would want a parade if it was a fuck you to anyone. That’s continuing to put the power in the hands of the oppressor. Defiance is one thing, but fuck you is another. Why should events celebrating the identity of a group of people have the intention of pissing anyone off?

I mean, correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t we all fighting to make a more caring and supportive world where everyone can feel equally appreciated? Aren’t we trying to change people’s minds, not say “fuck you” to people who don’t see things our way? That’s not constructive. And shouldn’t the intentions of any kind of pride event, whether it’s for a race or ethnicity or sexual orientation, just be pride in the group? Militancy is just going to stratify groups even more.

That’s willfully obtuse of you to see it literally as “Fuck You,” and it isn’t constructive to say “You can’t be proud of yourself and raise awareness on this issue through this parade because part of the message may be hostile.”

Every day is pretty much White, Straight Pride day because the narrative of Caucasian, Heterosexual people is strongly represented in media.
But if you really need to have a Straight, White Pride parade, go ahead as long as you don’t act biased against marginalized groups or trivialize the struggles those people go through (e.g. don’t join a KKK rally).

I thought about this a while ago, and I realized why: we are evolving as a species. I’m not going to write out the entire cliff-notes to a history lesson, but basically because of WWII.

We (as a planet) lost a lot of the war-optimized people in the first world, but we didn’t lose a lot of the socially violent people. ~70 years later, we’re a lot less warlike in the first world (though U.S.A. didn’t lose a lot relatively), and we can think about our places domestically in more detail.

Social wars have replaced most of the old wars. Wars are fought with armies, and words make some fine weapons.

Forgot to mention that wars are expressing the dominance of one group’s ideals over another group’s ideals, and that the ideals of a W.A.S.P. and similar tend to fight ideals of species equality.
Read some Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” and at a basic level war is just bullying large groups of people with other large groups of people (which would make Anonymous the Mongols or something).

I’ve one more to add, quoting a friend that would be a very awesome one, weren’t for this: “Yeah, feminism is right, and I support it. I only can’t undestand why women fight for it, I mean, men don’t fight for their equality.”

Someone said to me once, “I don’t believe women’s studies are valid–where are men’s studies?” I replied, “You mean history?” >:(
Also was out with friends who insisted that “we should form a straight people’s club.” I quietly reminded them that I would be unable to join. I love them, but I wish they would examine and understand how privileged they are.

It is the same as a little kid complaining on mothers’ day. “Why isn’t there a kids day?” Because EVERY OTHER DAY is kids day.

There is Children’s Day actually. Basically denying anyone the right to celebrate their own identity just because it’s too mainstream is some kind of hipster-fascism and hypocrisy.

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