What My Job Is Like

The very first comic I ever put online. I had no idea what I was doing, but it’s a true story.


So, I’m finally here. . . I finally back-tracked through all of these comics. As elated as I am, having spent the better part of an hour looking at such relatable and lovely work, I’m sort of depressed. Make more right now. Seriously, just sit there and ART YOUR GODDAMN FACE OFF. That would be pretty dope of you, because I’m going through Kate or Die withdraw now. This is probably my new favorite thing. Your art has such a unique and adorable style. I just want to print these all out and make a tuxedo out of them and run down the street, screaming “HOW DO YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE WITHOUT THIS?!” Pretty sure that’s mad crazy illegal, though.

I just found your website and read all of your comics within one night. Thank you for making the comics you make. As a nerdy, artsy, feminist, bisexual teenager struggling with depression, it’s really nice to see someone has been through a lot of the same things I’m going through and turned out pretty awesome. I really love your work :)

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