I have a bit of a character obsession? I have no idea what you’re talking about.

This feeling is the absolute worst.


Augh this happened to me a couple of weeks ago and I was so pissed! I didn’t even have a book with me.

I love, love, love this comic! :D

Oh god, worst thing ever! This is why I have spare ear phones on my backpack, for in case I forget my uuuh… “main” ear phones? XD

everytime something bad happens to me i do a lemongrab LOL nice to know im not alone :3 love you and ur artz <3

I go through this mostly due to having a microscopic music player. Damn thing’s so small, it vanishes every fourth day, somewhere… and I waste at least a half hour frantically looking for the damned thing. So… always know where the headphones are, but the actual producer of song? MIA…

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