This Shit Gets Me Down

I’ve been watching these fantastic videos on Feminist Frequency all day, and this is just how it feels sometimes. How does half the population still somehow constitute a minority? There aren’t enough tables in all the world for the amount of flipping I’d like to do.

The creator of those videos is a huge Buffy nerd. I think I’d love to meet her.


Totally agree! But what makes me go really mad, is people who try to ignore that kind of ads, because, “oh hey, come on ! It’s just to made things sell !” Yeaaaah right and that’s how stereotypes survived you moron! Everybody should feel concerned to made equality evolve, that’s won’t be establishe on God’s grace.

I love feminist frequency! I read this comic and then thought about Feminist Frequency, but you mentioned it already! I’m glad you like it too- and you like Buffy!

It’s to the point now where you just have to try to ignore it if you want to enjoy almost any popular media!

I found this site today, I love these comics.

“There aren’t enough tables in all the world for the amount of flipping I’d like to do.”
Ok, it’s official, I love you. I can’t work with this comics open if i want any productivity. I keep teeling myself “just one more comic…. just this one….”

I absolutely agree with this.

On a side note: There is apparently an arcade game in Japan where you are literally flipping a table. :D Just thought you’d like to know.

The videos at Feminist Frequency are really cool. It makes me happy, because though I have feminist views I had always been kind of embarrassed by them. Feminists are stereotypically kind of scary, and generally looked down on by a lot of media it seems. I don’t really know how to word it, but I really feel a lot better about embracing my feminist side now.

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