There’s two sides to every story

All the dialogue in this comic is from Real Life Conversations I’ve had with exes of mine. I’ve not had the best luck, have I?

Tried out some new colour schemes this time around, really into how they look! I get so bored with black outlines, even though I know they read best.


I like this. c:
Sucks about those boyfriends though. But I suppose we have to have some not so nice people in the world to balance it out…idk.

My friend was telling me how boys will tell her how special she is or how different she is from other people but when she probes further they fails to list any defining or interesting things about her, we totally had a talk about this comic and how woman can be perceived as fun toys until the point when they cry or scream or freak out at which point they become just another crazy woman in the eyes of someone who doesn’t want woman to be emotional. The idea that women=emotional and men=strong is kind of odd. If a man cries, it is justified because he has to have a good reason because of the manly factor. If a woman cries, it is always just because they are emotional.

OMG Kate I love you. No, srsly, you totally get it, this thing – that is all over the internet – of “how women are crazy, no one can understand” and they actually believe themselves…. but I’m happy to see your posts, you know, sometimes this society almost convince me that I am paranoid…. that the problem is me….

I showed this to my fifteen year old son. He got the point right away. He hasn’t started dating yet, but we’re hoping that my husband and I have helped him learn better ways to be male.

Yegods, my stomach churned with a mixture of guilt at being male, and gut wrenching hatred for how soon people stop trying in a relationship. Seriously though? I hope you find Mr(s) Numero Uno asap.

Like you said, there’s two sides to every story. I know this isn’t the point of the comic, but it’s something that I’ve learnt, and that I find very important: In a relationship, communication is everything. Just because you are upset, you cannot expect your significant other to immediately understand every reason for why you are upset. Things that fester and upset you on the inside will just seem to the other person like you going crazy when you snap, because they have no idea what’s going on inside you.

I repeat: Communication is everything. Couples who don’t communicate (and I don’t mean just talking, I mean expressing yourself in a way the other person understands) are doomed to fail. This isn’t a guy problem or a girl problem, it’s an immature people problem.

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