Teenage Girl Comics

This one never really took off, but I don’t think it has the punch of some of the bisexuality comics. Still, it comes from that same place of always trying to reach out to the youngins. Sexually confused teenagers! These are my people.


Twilight and the Hunger Games fad are ‘tarded :3

I don’t really get why people equate Twilight and the Hunger Games, just because they for some reason have a lot of the same fans. Hunger Games has a very strong message about fighting for your basic rights and freedom as well as a 1984-esque message (“this could be our future if we’re not careful”), not to mention a female protagonist that actually is a good role model. I admit I liked both Twilight and the Hunger Games when I was a teenager, but for entirely separate reasons, and Twilight is the only one I regret (and also, unlike a lot of Twilight/Hunger Games fans, I read loads of books at the time, most of them more in the direction of the HG)

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