Tardis Dalek Companion Thing

I drew this comic because I don’t know anything about Doctor Who. I honestly sort of hate it because it makes no sense and the joke is a bit flat, but I really really love his Thug Life tattoo and so I will post it forever! It is my website and I can do WHAT I LIKE.


LMFAO. But this Doctor really IS crazy enough to make this stuff canon XDDDD
The weirdest things you can think up… could probably become canon. XD

(and just recently he totally actually went in for a studio gangsta rapping session in canon… he just did that in this season’s prequels.)


It’s idiotic randomness (and terrible, equally nonsensical plotting, and LOTS of misogyny) that made me quit watching Doctor Who.

I _LOVE_ Doctor Who. I’m a HUGE fan of the classic series, and, though it’s not without its problems, the stuff from RTD’s time as producer was pretty great.

Moffat’s run, though… TERRIBLE.

For reals, I am a die-hard Who fan, and I love this comic. There should be a spoof spin-off based on this comic.

I love your comic. But I also LOVE DOCTOR WHO! *_*
Watch it! Seriously. Do it. Now. Immediately.

Taco: >: “Oh god, I so hope you don’t partake in the tacos..’cause once our honeymoon comes around, I’m screwed.”

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