Spring fever!

Basically, I’m tumblr-sexual.

Did you know that I’m going to be at TCAF in less than a month? Or that my comic book store is moving locations a week beforehand? Or that it’s nearly Free Comic Book Day? Or that I’m going to MeCAF the weekend after? Ha ha ha ha kill me

No, but really! Lots of things are happening in my crazy, comics-saturated life. I’m part of a queer comics anthology called Anything That Loves, and as of this post there are 11 days left to contribute and get a copy! Get in on that, it has art by Ellen Forney and Erika Moen. I love them both, oh so much.

Did you hear that the Adventure Time comics were nominated for basically every single Eisner? The Marceline mini-series is nominated for Best Publication For Teens! I contributed a cover and a backup strip to that series and I promise you, it is great. Speaking of covers and backups, did you see my latest backup in Fionna and Cake #3? I’m also doing a variant cover for #6! Also also, if you’ve been picking up The Legend of Luther Strode, I’ve had a backup strip in every issue, about famous murders! I plan to collect them all in a mini once the series is complete. Fun! Death!

That’s pretty much it for now! As for TCAF, expect many prints, a few minis, and this super sexy tote bag:


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