Something Completely Different

Not a comic, not my usual style, not something I’ve tried since. I still love it, though, more than a lot of pinups I’ve done.


I found your comic two days ago and am reading through it since then, since it is very enjoyable and pondering-causing.
This is my first comment:
Awesome page, awesome style, awesomely mean but but true for most people phrase.
If you remotely feel like trying this again, I encourage you to do that. :)

I love the art style and the message. I spent ages trying to explain this exact thing to my ex boyfriend.

This is beautiful! Those lines could have made a squirrel and not a womans body and it would still be so feminine!! You’re so talented!

Hey, this is really neat. I like this comic-realism style a lot, and I’ve only seen a few people pull it off in a way that pleases my eyes. :)

This reminds me of the Uzumaki manga. And Okami – because of the strokes. Or maybe it’s just because I’ve played it today. Anyway, reading through your comics makes me want to draw something.

Wow, this picture is totally beautiful, and the message just is great and really strikes home or whatever that phrase is. I feel like it’s something that people have trouble grasping sometimes, that you have to accept people’s pasts as a part of them and that you can’t know everything that they’ve been through.

This moment. This.
This is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen. I know. Old comment and all. Corny or wtvr… people worry too much about their feelings on the web.

But I mean it. I love it. Unexpected beauty in its simplicity. But it has made me fall in love with your art.

Humanity, we have hope. Kate’s her namesake. :)

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