Somebody for someone

A new comic for your feelings!

I have struggled for a very long time with self-doubt and self-destruction. Sometimes I forget what it was like before I started learning to like who I was, when I was in my teens and came home every day just filled up with hatred for everything I was. Not everybody goes through that, but I think a lot of people do. Is it cheap to say that it gets better? It does, in time, if you work at it.

I’m in no way saying that you need someone else’s approval or love to learn to be kinder to yourself, but every once and awhile it can be incredibly fortunate to find people who understand you. Maybe people who have gone through the same things. I know it’s helped me immensely! You can think a part of you is wrong, or bad, and then when you talk to somebody who feels the same way… Maybe you both realize that you’re pretty okay after all.