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I have struggled for a very long time with self-doubt and self-destruction. Sometimes I forget what it was like before I started learning to like who I was, when I was in my teens and came home every day just filled up with hatred for everything I was. Not everybody goes through that, but I think a lot of people do. Is it cheap to say that it gets better? It does, in time, if you work at it.

I’m in no way saying that you need someone else’s approval or love to learn to be kinder to yourself, but every once and awhile it can be incredibly fortunate to find people who understand you. Maybe people who have gone through the same things. I know it’s helped me immensely! You can think a part of you is wrong, or bad, and then when you talk to somebody who feels the same way… Maybe you both realize that you’re pretty okay after all.


The great thing about your comics is that they have the same effect as finding someone who understands. For that, thank you :)

You posted this on an incredibly important day for me. It’s my fourth anniversary with my significant other and this gave me all the feels. I’ve been a quiet fan but I had to reply to this particular comment because of the impact it made on me. <3 :)

I just wanted to know if you set up this website or if you had some one who set it up for you. I am currently working on setting up a web-comic style site but work a lot of hours and with drawing and my second job. I can’t seem to find the time to set one up properly. if you know anyone or have any tips or tic that would help a lot. BTW love the comics and big fan on tumblr.

Vincent aka othblade (ghost corpse office)

First off I want to say I have been a reader for a while now, first time commenting and that I love your comic.
That aside, I’m not sure if I’m the only one but your commentary there makes me think of Iroh from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Mainly a scene from the episode Tales of Ba Sing Se where he says “While it is always best to believe in one’s self, a little help from others can be a great blessing” to the mugger. Thanks for being awesome, making me smile by giving great advice and making me think of that scene. ^_^

A few of your fans got there first, but I’m going to say it anyway. You are a phenomenal comic creator and it’s entries like these that are helping me get through a lot of sucky mental crapola right now. Thank you for doing what you do and your work is appreciated in every way. The comic community is lucky to have you and I’m lucky to get to enjoy your work.

HUGE props.

I love self-love help from people who are all too familiar with self-loathing.

I love this because I can’t swallow 95% of self-love advice which usually amounts to “well if you just spent more time on yourself/loved yourself more/were more positive maybe people would enjoy being around you, you fucking downer.” (I get really mean when I interpret subtext, as most self-hating people do, which makes the advice even more useless.)

No, I don’t need to find myself. I know I can enjoy my own company. I haven’t felt connection in so long that I’m starving for it, and that doesn’t make me needy. It makes me hungry.

Thank you for acknowledging that we’re social animals, that you can put a lot of work into your well-being but still need something outside yourself in order to feel embedded, safe, connected, loved, whatever.

Heard of your comics and sorry I hadn’t checked them out sooner :)

This is basically the realization I’ve been going through the past year. It’s been hard to explain to people but I think this comic sums it up nicely. :)

Just found your comics today and it’s ones like these that I kinda need to read. Dem feels man. thanks :) being a teen is really hard XD

Too. much. FEELS!

Diggin this piece a lot :D It lights up my New Year’s day being spent here in the office.

Cheers! Hope you bring in the feels for 2014.

-ZbvmX (Mon I.)

Okay, so I just started reading your comics tonight, and I’ve been binging on the archive, and I just got to this one…

And now I’m crying. :(

Still, really cool comics, I’m quite enjoying them. :)

I know this comic is a couple of years old, but thanks. I’m trying to figure out how to like myself. It feels like a never-ending climb some days. Sometimes it’s good to hear that others struggle, too. That I’m not alone. :) Thank you, Kate.

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