Sleep becomes her

I’ve been working on a project for the last week or so that’s left me with very little time to make comics! Did you miss me? Hi there!

It’s Pride Week in Halifax, my hometown, so I’d wager there are some queer comics on their way. Celebrate!

Check out my Topatoco shop, where you can get prints and shirts and dreams come true! You can also buy a print copy of my first collection of comics HERE!


I feel you! Make that first speech bubble “I’m done with work” and it’s me! ú_ù (I wonder if I’ll ever get used to working full time. AND having enough energy afterwards to do all the comics and drawings that are haunting my head…)

Btw: I just got your print in the mail yesterday and it made my day! Yaaay!! I love this so much. I’m gonna get a pretty frame for it so it can take its place as The Fine Art in my flat soon. Thank you SO much! <333
(I know it's actually about "crushes" but the motif does symbolize a lot more for me.)

Wait, did I just read through ALL of them? Why did it have to stop… :’(
Milkshakes are awesome, cat videos are awesome and Kate or Die is awesome.

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