Silver linings

I’m always surprised when my crappy, 5-minute sketchy comics become popular online. This one makes sense, though. Wino forever!


This comic is basically my life right now. I just discovered your work and thank you for this beautiful collection of comics. It’s perfect and wonderful and awesome.

This comic makes me so happy.

Actually, all of your comics make me happy. I picked up “Ultimate Kate or Die” on a whim when I visited a random comic store in Maine last week because the cover appealed to me more than anything else there. I just now read it tonight and between the raucous laughter, there were moments of, “Yes. Yup. That. Ha, yeah.” I love the humor and insight mixed together and the lighter comics that just crack me up.

Thank you for making something so beautiful.

So buying the taco shirt omg. Everybody wants to be the best taco.

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