Self-Injury: Pt 2

The second half. It’s been reworked and reposted a number of times. It’s hard to let go!


I totally relate!!!

I’m not a cutter, but a compulsive skin picker and I’m riddled with scars. Recently, I’ve decided to start a body of tattoos myself, hoping that as I add each one, the desire not to ruin the artwork will help me contend with the overwhelming desire to pick. I got my first tattoo in December 2011 and I’ve slipped up a time or two, but for the most part it’s working. To me, each tattoo I’ll add will be me reclaiming my body, and making it beautiful again. So, like you, no, I won’t regret my tattoos, either. ^.^

I love your comics but this one really hit home. I wondered though, can you see your scars through the tattoos? I have some extensive scarring and I’ve thought of covering them with tattoos but I’m afraid they’ll still show through…and having a tattoo on them will actually draw MORE attention to them…eek!

Your self injury posts inspire me. I’ve been struggling with the fact that I’ll never think I’m beautiful because of my scars. I just told people a couple months ago that I used to cut myself, and it did feel better. Now I don’t have to make up stories, but now I feel self-concious about people looking at me. But then I look at your posts and it reminds me that I can be beautiful. Thank you so much for being and inspiration!

Too much Tylenol and you’re gonna have a bad time.
Did the same, only with extra-strength Tylenol.

Glad you’re here.

I’m reminded of a photo of three fellows hanging out in a tattoo parlour with the title: “What are you going to do about your tattoos when you’re older?!”

I won’t be so gauche as to link directly to it, but it’s certainly the first hit in Google, so please enjoy.

Bisexual and a past cutter as well. This was really touching; thank you for sharing.

(burst into tears and offers you a huge hug)

Literally cried when I read this. I got my first tattoo after I hadn’t cut in over a year…it was just a small butterfly. But it was a reminder that I could get through the hard things and live another day :)

I used to cut and burn in high school and some of college. It’s been two years since the last time but the scars will never go away. It’s interesting to note how people will come forward if someone admits it first.

I think this series (strip? collection? piece?) that you did on your tattoos and what’s “behind them” is fantastic. It’s honest and powerful, yet it’s also very… I dunno, softspoken? What I mean is, you manage to convey very intense emotions without ever being over-the-top and melodramatic. It’s really excellent stuff. I have a daughter who’s just entering this difficult phase of life (going to grade 7 in the fall). I think she’d like your site. I try to keep the lines of communication open and honest, but as an “old dude”, there are limits to what I can understand sometimes, I think. The more sources of advice/comfort/wisdom/understanding that she has access to, the better! God knows our society creates enough unhealthy/unwise messages, especially for girls her age.

I got tattoos to cover scars and to be a pledge that I would never self injure again. It was embarrassing to get but it helped to have something on my body that was always going to be with me as a promise I could never break or get away from.

I have a feeling a lot of people do the same. It’s a cathartic resolution.

I think it really is. It kind of satisfies that urge, in a way, but with much more positive results. I like looking at my tattoos – I don’t like looking at my scars.

Good grief, we both started off the same way. I’m starting to think it’s infectious.

…and I’ve always planned to get ink done over my scars, too. It’s been on my “to do once I have the money” list for over ten years now. (Give or take a couple of relapses…) I even know what I want for my first one, over the biggest scar. It won’t cover it, but it’ll remind me of the biggest reasons I decided to stop, and that’s enough, at least for me, anyway.

Thank you so much for sharing your story. I’m the type of person who doesn’t open up easily and find it difficult to talk about my past. So, I always admired the people who can share their stories in a way that inspires others and motivates them to look at life in a different perspective. I also have a tattoo, a giant one across my back, though my parents practically had a heart attack when I told them about it. But, I don’t regret my tattoo because it is my source of strength that motivates me to continue bettering myself as a person and to try living life to the fullest. So, again thank you for sharing your story.

Good art comes from family pain. Luckily, no amount of success, fame, or money can ever feel as satisfying as knowing that you dug deep, owned it and let it out with artistic expression. It’s pure and its honest. You should feel proud.

I was in a similar situation. Whenever people ask about regretting things when I’m older… I never have the heart to them them that I’m just happy I’ll live long enough that I might.

Thank you for posting this. This made my cry, honestly. I made a decision a while back to cover all my scars with tattoos, and my friend Sara turned me to these comics. I got my first tattoo yesterday, not over a scar, but a quote that means a lot to me. I’m excited to get my next one in a few months to cover my oldest scars.
Thanks Kate <3

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