My boyfriend at the time, Adam, used to be (haha) adamant about getting credit for coming up with the jokes for my comics. I will tell you: he came up with a lot of the jokes for my comics. This one is my favourite. I think if you genuinely laugh at this, we could be friends.


I’m surprised no one has commented on this one!

I laughed loud enough to get both of my roommates to stare.
I call this “Gold!”
(Though I do enjoy the other strips I’ve read so far as well)

I almost snorted BEEP with this one. OMG too funny!!! I’m sending my best friend this, she’ll love it xD

I think the ending comic, the looks on their faces, expresses the amazingness that is that relationship, haha!

Oh man, I just discovered you through tumblr and I’ve been going through your comics, I saw this and laughed at the screen covering it in a fine mist of spit.

Did he turn green because he just realized he had awkwardly clutched her lady parts or because he had awkwardly clutched her man bits and in so finding out that she was really a man, realized that his pun had fallen short?

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