Riverdale’s secret shame

I got into comics through Archie. As a kid, I think I had two giant rubbermaid containers filled with Double Digests. I grew up on this shit, and only really revisited it within the last year – those comics are messed up. At the core of it, the story is about two female best friends who are hooking up with the same dude and simultaneously hate each other and have BFF slumber parties. That is a hella toxic relationship! Also, he is making kisses with like a plethora of other ladies. Archie is a ho! That shit would not fly in any high school I’VE attended.

I’m just saying, Archie’s junk could probably be a lab specimen.


I must say. I enjoy all of your comics. Everyone of them manages to make smile or laugh or think or feel something and I really appreciate the work you put in to them. Consider me a fan!

Riverdale is a wonderful place. I hear you can also eat a dozen burgers for lunch every day and still be skinniest guy in town.

Love the strip! Yeah Archie is HUGE influence on a bunch of us, huh? Maybe ’cause it was the most available? Don’t know of many other comics that were for sale at the checkout lane of the local supermarket? Big fan of your work, got turned onto it by the guys from Brave New Worlds comic shop here in Philly. Please keep ‘em coming! Hey did your Bravest Warriors come out yet?

Hey, I just finished reading your comic from the beginning and I really like it! I super love the style and humor! Wish there was more for me to devour.

I know this is an older comic, but I just read a recently published Archie digest and wow. How did I never catch anything that was going on when I was a kid? You captured perfectly the fact that Archie goes on dates with two girls who jump back and forth between being inseparable and being at full odds with each other. I kind of wish that the three main characters could just sit down and talk it out, but that would effectively end the series.

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