Risky business

I always get stopped at airports – it doesn’t matter if I’m wearing a white dress and cardigan or bedecked in my black denim and skulls. Always. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been taken aside and questioned. Something about me seems to yell “SUSPICIOUS!” even though I have never once tried to take anything illegal on a plane. Except the last time, when I forgot the pocket knife in my bag. HONEST MISTAKE.

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Airport security in the states is crazy.
Why don’t any candidates for president promise to roll them back? It would be such an easy vote grab.

Presumably because large parts of the US populace buys into the encouraged paranoia of terrorism. Airport security is seens as a necessary evil.

Also security really wasn’t bad when I went to NYC earlier this year, but maybe that’s because I’m both white and Swedish (likely considered a low-risk nation).

I get the same, but a LOT worse lol. I’m a Pakistani Muslim woman, who wears a headscarf- I’ve only been to the US once since, but I’m not sure I’d like to repeat my experiences with the airport security at JFK haha xD

I forgot my pocket knife for work was in the bottom of my purse, which was stuffed in the bottom of my carry-on. They were all “are you SURE you have no weapony things?” we tried it like, 4 times before I was like “*pales* Oh, uh, I actually just remembered that my pocket knife for work, I work in a warehouse and cut stuff a lot! I swear!, is in my purse. I’m SOOOOOO SORRY! DON’T DETAIN ME! PLEASE!!!!” But they let me get away with 2 full sized bottles of shampoo and conditioner…

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