Reading between the lines

There are a number of coffee shops I avoiding reading/working in because crap like this always happens. Street harrassment sucks, but being cornered when I’m trying to get cozy with my complicated milk-based espresso beverage is a total drag. I come off harsh on men in general in my comics, I know, because I tend to write when I’m pissed off. But seriously, being in this situation BLOWS.


While I agree … in the defense of men, we are never taught to to start a conversation with an attractive woman we meet at the coffee shop without sounding like an asshole. It is either that or we are left sitting there not doing anything and not saying anything. I am sure women would just prefer they be left alone. How men ever get women, I never know.

A few minor quibbles I have with this statement: 1) assumption that men receive sub-par social education 2) as an excuse for rude behavior, 3) and that ignores all men who are not attracted to women, and 3) a false dichotomy: that there’s the choice of “sitting there not doing anything and not saying anything” or being “an asshole”, because saying hi to someone and introducing yourself and then asking if the other person would like some company is just to hard for us guys! After all, we’re taught to be assholes, so why should we strive for anything better, amirite?

“How men ever get women, I never know.” Shocking.

1. Oh yeah, they do. Then again, does anyone get adequate social education? School is like a prison, no one wants to be there, and the social scene reflects that, not exactly the ‘real world’, heh.

2. yeah, excuses for rude behavior are pretty much how guys are taught how to behave.

3. absolutely correct on the false dichotomy, there.

Personally, I always ask pretty girls if it would bother them if I talked to them, I’ve seen plenty of people do this to strangers and it always works, from old men in grocery stores to my mom. Of course I do it with cool shades on, so they pretty much always say yes.

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