Queen B

Some people need to sort out their priorities.

This comic features my friend, confidante and general hero LN (Hélène). May your grammar in a second language always be better than that of all the English people we know.


Just discovered your comics and have now read all of them! I love them and so respect how well they articulate complex ideas/emotions as well as making laugh freaking out loud. Thank you for creating them. Yay!

Hey thar! Just wanted to say, I’ve just discovered these comics and they are the shiz. You should be well known and stuff – telling all my palls. I get muy sympatico with a lot of the stuff, its all just so darn neat. :)

Wait so you’re telling me that webcomics can be funny AND drawn well? I feel like I’ve been internet cheated (the worst kind of cheated). I’m gonna throw you an email about doing a feature but I had to comment on the comic first.

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