Pit Stains

Fashion is hard when you sweat like a Heineken in a heatwave any time the temperature crawls above “mild.”

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I do the SAME THING. I’ve tried clinical strength antiperspirants and all I got was swollen red armpits. Men’s aerosol antiperspirants applied twice a day kind of works. There can be snow on the ground and I STILL sweat.

I’m the same way! I buy the $9 ‘clinical strength’ stuff and I still sweat, plus it makes me itchy and kind of nauseous? It’s dumb!

I sweat when I’m cold, I sweat when I’m happy, and I sweat when I’m sleeping. ALL THE TIME OMG

My solution (because I love color) is pattern! No close hugging tees- instead, looser blouses and dresses with a pattern and fabric that doesn’t show sweat.

I accepted the fact that I definitely sweat (not glow, not perspire, sweat) and gave up on wearing solid colours in the summer. It’s patterned dresses and blouses for me.

Also I love your drawing style and your bright colour schemes are looking fantastic!

I find antiperspirants don’t really work. If you don’t use it, sweat is concentrated to your armpits, and a few other areas. If you do use it, all antiperspirant does is make you overheat, sweating from everywhere, more evenly.

The only difference between men and women’s versions is the smell (and price.) If you’re allergic to perfumes or aluminum, don’t wear it, the discomfort isn’t worth it.

Hey I’m a big fan and I absolutely love your comics!
I totally relate to you with the sweat issues! I even went through an operation to cut the connections of my nervous system to my hand’s sweat glandules :<
My hand doesn't sweat as much (almost never) but as a result I sweat a lot more all through my body :(
It's difficult to buy the right clothes that don't show sweat

you should try maxim! its an antiperspirant that makes the pores that sweat comes out of smaller. it works so well!! you use it once or twice a day for the first week or two, then like once a week. i can only find it online…but its awesome!! :D:D

My hands, feet and pits sweat all the time, regardless of temperature or clothing. I think stress plays a large part, but I don’t know what triggers the stress. So I guess it’s black and white shirts for me. If you find a cure, let us know. :D

gosh, I was sure I was the only one who dealt with this sweating issue. this exact same situation has happened to me more times than I can count. I’ve pretty much given up and basically only wear black and white now, but I wish I could wear colors once in a while.

Definitely try this stuff called Certain Dry. Has to be the roll-on; the stick doesn’t really work well. You put it on right before you go to bed. Like, RIGHT before. If you don’t want all the redness and itchyness, don’t scratch at all (it’ll be difficult the first few times), and lay down to sleep as soon as you put it on. I normally sleep in a tank top and cross my hands behind my head until it dries (like ten minutes or something). You don’t sweat at all; it’s wonderful. It shrinks the little sweat glands, supposedly, too. I live in America, though, so I don’t know if you’d have trouble getting it across the sea. c:

Just came across your site via pinterest. Love your stuff! Also wanted to my 2 cents in. Give this stuff a try https://www.neatfeat.com/p-247-neat-one-underarm-deodorant.aspx

It doesn’t make my pits itch or sting if I apply it right after I get out of the shower the way certain dri did. I can even shave and put it on without a problem. Certain dri only worked for me for about a week before my body…..got used to it? I tried all the “clinical strength” stuff. I came across this brand at walmart of all places. I bought this gel that I thought was deoderant but is actually an antiperspirant gel for your face. I figured what the hell? and put it on my underarms and it worked! So I googled the company, found their site, found their roll-on antiperspirant, and ordered 4. I’ve been using it for months and it still works and I haven’t had ANY problems. And it’s not expensive.

Ok, I’m done. Again, LOVE your comics! Keep up the good work!

This is the story of my life! My entire closet is divided between black/darks and white. One day I hope they make something that will actually work. I would love to be able to wear colors without worrying about it.

Ps. Love your comics! Just found them today and your style is really fun, and the stories are interesting.

You guys all know that Botox will stop excessive sweat, right? It’s an actual proper reason to use the stuff.


i have the same problem as you- i just seem to sweat more than other ppolee!so the problem is, different deodorants work for different ppolee so when you buy a deodorant, no matter how good other ppolee claim it to be, it might not work for you. the only option you have would be to try around with different deodorat/anti-perspirent until one finally works for you.if all doesn’t work and you just feel like giving up, then i recommend you either go to the doctors OR try Certain-Dri (an anti-perspirent) you only put it on at night and does not act as a deodorant so you can also use your own chosen brand of deodorant in the morning if you would like.and if certain-dri doesnt work (which is unlikely) then try Mitchum good luck!

Wanna hear a little trick? It’s weird to think about but it totally works! I tried all the deodorants, and bah! NO HELP. Especially when I had to wear that fancy-yet-uncomfortable-probably-silk-or-cotton outfit… but… panty liners! I know, I know… stay with me. The thin liners they sell, you put the sticky part on the inside armpit area of your garment, so the pad is facing your armpit! WITCHCRAFT! It works, especially in a pinch… take THAT silk 3/4 sleeve dress, HA!

I’m going to suggest something different! ^^;;

Why not a shirt that has two colors – black on the outside/arms and armpit area, and pink or bright colors or whatever on the inside?

Please note, I have absolutely no fashion sense whatsoever so it probably wouldn’t look good. But it is an alternative at least! =^-^=

kk, I know this comic is from 2012 and it’s now 2014, but this comic has been bringing me such joy while I’ve been depressed I feel like I want to help you with something that also bothers me! I know you’ve probably gotten a lot of advice, but I’ve been using this product for over a year now and after years and years of sweaty embarrassment i SWEAR by it. It’s Fresh Sugar Roll-On deoderant (found at Sephora). The price and size might scare you ($18 for a 3.5oz bottle), but this thing will literally last me for five months, so for me it ends up being cheaper in the long run.

While it feels “wet” when you put it on (because it is def a liquid), it dries really quickly, KEEPS you dry all day long and what I found most important? Doesn’t stain your clothes! At all!

Like I said, you might not see this message, but you’ve helped me so much just by posting these comics that I wanted to help in return! Keep being beautiful and extraordinary!


Oh gawd I used to HATE this. I wore black tops for YEARS. It didn’t go away until after I was about 19 or 20…

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