Oscar bait

I have been absent, haven’t I?

Well, I went to Florida for two weeks, and that was nice. I’ve been doing a lot of work! Getting things done. Lots of writing, and finishing up my Smut Peddler story. By finishing up, I mean starting weeks after I should have, because I am scared of drawing porn. Here’s hoping it turns out great!!!

Some things were announced: I will be at Emerald City Comic Con, as you knew. But! So will Welcome to Night Vale! We will be at the same con, at the same time, if you’re into that. Also, I am doing a panel with Dean Trippe about his fantastic comic, Something Terrible, which I wrote about for ComicsAlliance. Hooray!

I will be signing approximately 50,000 copies of Seeing Red, the graphic novel I wrote for Adventure Time. Maybe that’s an exaggeration?

Also, I am going to Texas in February! I will have a little poster with the exact dates soon, but it’s between the 26th-March 2nd and I believe I am in Dallas, Denton and Austin.

I also did the doodles on the last page of Midas Flesh #2, out on Wednesday Jan 22nd, so look out for those!

I have a bunch of original art up for sale in my Etsy shop, did you know? I will be putting up the entirety of my Catbug story for the Bravest Warriors annual after it goes on sale next Wednesday, Jan 29th, so if you are interested in spending a large amount of money ($750 for all 6 inked pages), please do send me a message through Etsy.

That’s all for now! <3