Mirror, mirror

That lightens things up a bit! God, I didn’t even realize. Then I met Chris at HeroesCon and my whole worldview was shaken!!! Chris is also a cartoonist for ComicsAlliance, so we are best friends and, simultaneously, mortal enemies.


I have started a podcast! It is called LESS THAN LIVE with Kate or Die and you can subscribe to it on iTunes, if you’re into that! We’re two episodes in so far and I’ve talked to both Ian McGinty and half the creative team on Lumberjanes, Grace Ellis and Brooke Allen. It’s exciting! The episodes are an hour and a bit long. I recommend comics and talk about my life. I guess it’s sort of narcissistic, but oh well!

In other news, It’s been a sucky couple of weeks for women in geek culture and Wonder Woman is tired of your shit.

In other other news, my Lumberjanes badges will be for sale at SDCC this year! I will not be there, but the badges will.

That’s it. Go kiss someone nice.