Maybe she’s born with it?

Ye gods, I have not updated this site in YEARS, it seems like.

So, what’s up?

Buy it and live forever!

I designed some patches and buttons for Welcome to Night Vale! Those are pretty cool, and if you buy them, it pays for my food and shelter! I think that’s a pretty good deal for both of us, don’t you? I also have my own t-shirts and prints, and there will be NEW things very soon! Just in time for whatever weird holiday you celebrate because winter is BORING!

I have been working on a lot of things you can’t see or know about yet, as with most people in the industry at any given time. I feel like I have been writing and drawing other people’s characters for so long, I needed to make something of my own. I think it’s good to have that kind of push, y’know? Hence, this weird-ass comic.

We're all sex criminals at heart, I guess

I’ve also started doing biweekly comics and other things for ComicsAlliance! If you click the one above this text, it will take you to the rest of the comic. Trust me, panel 3 is pretty great. They update every other Monday, and you can at least rely on that!

What else? Hmm. I will be at Hal-Con this weekend, signing from 2-4pm on Sunday at the Strange Adventures table on the first floor (which is FREE) with Troy Little (Powerpuff Girls) and Brenda Hickey (My Little Pony). I will also be going to a shit-ton of conventions over the next year. TCAF? Yep! Emerald City Comic Con? Definitely! SDCC? Who needs sleep? I’m also trying to make it to Thought Bubble in the UK! I hope to meet lots of you and have more new art by then.

I’m tired! You’re cute. I hope you’re having a nice time. Keep up with me on tumblr.