Like moths

Let’s take a break from all the heavy stuff and have a dumb, fun comic about my ineptitude when it comes to casual dating, shall we? This is coming from a girl who threw up in a Wal-Mart trash can recently. I’m awful judgmental, aren’t I?

Still, I do not understand what it is with men in their profile pictures and holding fish.

I am too brain-frazzled to even describe the last three weeks of my life, to be perfectly honest. Death. Sickness. Conventions. Contracts. New jobs. Awesome people. Bad people. Karaoke. Babes. Lumberjanes. Valkyries. DeFractions. Food poisoning. Therapy after therapy after therapy (which I’m actually really glad for, and enjoying. I haven’t figured out how to put it into comic form yet). It’s been a time. Emerald City Comicon was an absolute joy. I signed so many books. You can read all about it HERE!

Where am I going next? Calgary Expo! I’ll be there doing sketch covers from April 20-22. If you are interested in getting a pre-commission sketch done, they are $50. I will do most fictional characters. Please inquire!

The Valkyries, by the by, are the group I run of women who work in comic shops. We just got on twitter. That’s here: @LCSValkyries! There are over 200 of us, if you can goddamn believe it.

Sex Criminals volume 1 comes out April 16th and you should buy it, for heaven’s sakes.