Into The Future!

EDIT: Little Ghost is now hosted on its OWN site, HERE. Go and read it! Okay!!!

Hi, everybody! It’s almost 2015. Maybe it’s 2015 already, as you read this? I’m trying to cover all my bases! This is a placeholder page for a little while, but fear not. I am Doing Things. They’re just not all right here.

This site neglected to update over the holidays as I was working on my Elves project. I drew one every day (or so) and eventually collected all of the ones from last year and this in a set you can buy on Gumroad. They may not still be relevant, but just in case, check ’em out!

Untitled-2 <-clicky

I am strongly considering moving the Little Ghost comics solely over to¬† The Tumblr in the new year, and I do plan to start updating them again. You only have to click back once to see where I said I’d stop doing personal comics for awhile, but it turns out not to entirely be true, and besides I think it’s best to leave this as the collection of my embarrassing, ridiculous personal strips. I’m still updating new ones every two weeks over at ComicsAlliance, and I’ve even done a couple for The Nib, which is fantastic and I do really hope they’ll ask me back (hint, hint!). I’m all over the place these days.

Edward Scissorhands, Bravest Warriors and Fraggle Rock are all still coming out. Fraggle Rock’s almost done, and we’ve just been working on the bonus material for the hardcover, due out in spring.

The podcast, Less Than Live with Kate or Die, is 12 episodes in so far and still chugging along. I’ve been spending a lot of time in LA and we’re sorting out how to record from there, but I have faith! The podcast also has a Patreon, wherein you can chat with me and get first crack at questions and suggestions for the show. We’re coming up with new incentives, too! I have sent many voice and video memos, with more to come.

I’m going to be collaborating with Twitter’s Own @skullmandible on an Amazing World of Gumball backup strip, which is my first time drawing someone else’s words, so look for that in… Uh, a long time, probably, but I’ll let you know.

Otherwise I’m working on a book of dirty short stories and a larger project I am VERY excited about, which will be coming out summer 2015. It’s going to be super fun and I’m working on it with one of my best friends, so YAY HOORAY, etc.

I have no conventions planned until Staple in March, and then Emerald City Comicon. I just keep flying coast to coast to where the warmth and romance is. I gotta do me for awhile!

I think that’s about it. Just checking in. Hope your New Years is/was fantastic!!!