I’m uncultured!

Listen, I know every word to Wicked and I weep along the The Last Five Years every time I get dumped and it broke my heart when in the sixth grade, Trudy Goodland performed Part of Your World at the talent show when I was supposed to. I like musicals. I just don’t think I like musicals where they sing every single stupid line of dialogue.

You feel me?

Of all the three-hour epics I’ve seen in the last two weeks, I’m still most enthralled with The Hobbit, but Django came in a close second. Les Mis… Hoo boy. Not my cup o’ tea.

I hope your Christmases were perfect! If you don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope your life is consistently pleasant and whatever you choose to do makes you happy.


If you want to get technical, Les Miserables is an opera, where Wicked is a musical play.

Personally, I loved it, but Les Mis has always been my favourite, and I’ve seen it live.

You should read the book! It’s very sad! Hooray!


I just binged through your archive because someone uploaded a page of yours onto imgur …

Your work is awesome, hit the nail spot on and got to me.

thank you for the absolutely beauti- and meaningful work, please continue to rock,

much love from vienna :3

I did too quite enjoy The Hobbit.
I so hope the holidays were perfect for you also!
I realize I’m a little late…
Sorry :P

i just wanted to say that i love your way to draw and some of these comics really made my day, and some made me realize that i’m also going to get through this shit im going through right now! keep on the good work, you rule! xoxo from a girl from finland

I was kind of thinking the same thing. Where they needed to stop singing and just breathe. I swear some shows they call musicals are really more like a modern opera but they don’t call it opera because it doesn’t fit in what people call opera Still I enjoyed the movie.

I love Les Mis with all of my heart, but the movie hecked up
It’s an opera, but in order to make it “more realistic” they added bits of dialogue which made it seem like ‘they can talk so why are they singing?’
No I could go on for days on how the movie hecked up I shouldn’t even get started.
I feel like the reasons a lot of people disliked the movie were a)They didn’t realise it was a musical b)It was a weird musical/opera/movie bastard child that was just awkward

Actually Les Mis is a musical that was fashioned after an operetta to make it seem more dramatic and kind of to make it seem like its actually from the time period when the book was written. If Les Miz was in actual opera format it would be like 6 hours and NO ONE would like it it.lol

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