…If you’d smile more often!

I’m feelin’ SNARKY today, I guess! My grandma used to have a habit of saying ‘you’d be so pretty, if only you’d lose some weight.’ RIP Nanny, you were a real piece of work.

Thanks to everybody who came out to say hello at TCAF and MeCAF! It was awesome and very exciting. I’m not sure what other shows I’ll be doing this year, but May was a pretty fantastic month. Check out my Etsy shop and my BRAND NEW Topatoco store as well! So much is going on these days.


I just found your comic today and I gotta say, I love every page of it. It’s so great. I especially love this page.
I get that same thing.
You’d be so much prettier if you lost some weight!
You’re more beautiful when you smile!
You’d be much cuter with nicer clothes!

Eyy, I’m sorry that I don’t smile, because you’re always telling me I’m fat, and I am too damn poor to go on a shopping spree.

Jesus Christ THIS. SO MUCH.
After attempting to bleach out a blue-purple color that I had in my hair it turned pink (awesome!) When I told an acquaintance that it was an accident and was planning to dye it another odd color, she responded with:
‘Why don’t you just dye it back to brown?’
‘Um… why would I want to?’
‘Because you have brown hair and blue eyes and that’s beautiful.’
Yeah, thanks man. I forgot pink hair made me look hideous, obviously.

I remember a girl who used to dye her hair constantly, going from shade to shade. Finally she decided to go back to her natural hair color. The end result? As the dyes faded, her hair got this cool subtle rainbow effect mixed in with her natural brown that looked totally awesome. =^-^=

I get this lots since I dyed my hair blue. But the best part about having unnatural hair colours? How little kids react. I’m kinda scared of kids, but it makes me really happy when they ask me about my hair and ask if I’m a fairy or something c:

I dyed my hair blue once, loved it :3 it was strange… i expected the school to freak out but nobody made an issue of it. That said, ive been on the other side and had a small crush on someone that dyed their hair blonde. it didnt suit them at all and they thought it looked good. i told them i thought they didnt need to dye their hair and that they looked great in their natural color. Obviously its up to them what they want to do but that doesnt mean i cant give an honest opinion to someone i care about :/

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