I resent the accusation

Oh boy, so much is going on here at Kate or Die HQ (my second bedroom, where I work). I just went blonde and got my tattoo touched up, for starters!

Look ma, my hand

Otherwise, I am planning a lot of upcoming excursions! My Adventure Time original graphic novel, Seeing Red, comes out in early March. I can’t quite get a consensus on the exact date, but lots of folks are saying the first week? Who knows! It is a beautiful mystery.

Also, I am doing a tour of Texas! Woah dang! Here’s where I’ll be at:

Feb 26th @ 5-8pm: Signing of Seeing Red at Austin Books and Comics

Feb 27th @ 7pm: Ladies Night at Austin Books and Comics

Feb 28th @ ?pm: Ladies Night at Keith’s Comics in Dallas

March 1st @ 10am-6pm: The UNT Comics Studies Conference. I’m Keynote Speaker! Neat! I will be talking about making webcomics, using social media, etc. Cool things!

After that, I’m headed to Megacon in Orlando! I don’t know exactly where my table is yet, but I will update you! I should have copies of Seeing Red. It’ll be a more minimal appearance, but I would love to meet you!

Following that weekend is ECCC in Seattle. And listen, if you can get to this con, do it. I’m signing and we’re “launching” Seeing Red there, officially. I’ll be at the big Boom! booth all weekend, with lots of goodies from Topatoco and plenty of love. Apart from that, I am involved in some really cool panels. I’m co-hosting one with Dean Trippe about his amazing comic Something Terrible, as well as some others that have not been announced yet. One of them’s going to be super filthy. I CAN’T WAIT. Welcome to Night Vale will be there with some of the merch I designed and some awesome shows I hope to be attending. The Valkyries will be out in full force, too.

Also, if you’re there Thursday Night, I hear Carol Corps might be doing something…? And maybe, just maybe, I’m somehow involved………?!

Wow, that’s all for now. I really hope you guys can come out!

<3 K