Get It, Girl

There’s not a damn thing in the world that makes my knees go wobbly like a guy asserting his feminist inclinations. I am really, really into it. Gentlemen, TAKE NOTE.


EXCEPT FOR guys who just say such because they know it makes your knees wobbly.

Someone who doesn’t like oligarchs & bible-thwackers dictating to others how they should live? Where are you going to find a gem like THAT, Kate?!

Love the big Keane thrift store painting eyes in the last panel.

Man Lee you wouldn’t believe how many people love the dictatin’ oligarchs. So many want to be one themselves.

Kate, for those of us who really believe in Feminism, don’t need to take note because that’s not why we believe!

Unfortunately, this guy (points to himself) was taken by another woman, who won’t share. But I totally agree with the cartoonist’s statement.

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