From beneath you, it devours

I hope you are into comics about FEELINGS because that is the theme of July so far!


But keeping them in doesn’t help either, so…?
Read through your stuff the past couple days, and as a bisexual recovering-depressed comics nerd, I feel ya. So if nothing else comes from this, know that some other weirdos on the internet have been/are in the exact same place. It can get better, and on the plus side you’re totally hilarious. Keep on doin’ whatchu doin’ girl, it’s awesome!

Maybe this is a little weird coming from someone who doesn’t know you, but damn you’re awesome and I want to give you a hug. So, *hug*.


These are all fantastic and have spread like wild fire on farcebook.
Love the work and personal views!!
-This one particularly reminds me of one of the best concept videos I have ever seen. (eventhough it was huge Euro trance track early 2000′s it’s message is perfect) Roger Sanchez- ‘another chance’

I just went through all the comics you have here. You are awesome!
And I cannot seem to understand how much I have in common with people on the internets…

i totally have a crush on you.
not the creepy kind, though!
just the ‘smiles and giggles’ kind. <3

Been there hon, and I know the feeling. Just know no matter what the issues are, there are other people who know exactly where you’re coming from. I may not know exactly where, but I know the ballpark, hahah.

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