Feminism: Pt 1

Here I adopted what would come to be a standard 12-panel grid. I drew this comic in about 5 minutes. I had things to say!


Only PART of the reason people don’t like feminists is because of the stereotypical man-hating lesbian image.
The other part is that it doesn’t address the inequalities for BOTH genders, and only focuses exclusively on women.
If you truly believe in equality you shouldn’t be a feminist, you should be a humanist.




Troll-ass dude, take a hike.

The Amazing Atheist is an overgrown child who responds to criticism by threatening to rape people.


He’s not someone worth listening to about feminism or sexism for starters, and based on his behavior and inability to admit fault, not one I’d willingly listen to about atheism either.

Exactly right about Amazing Atheist. He’s a complete asshole who supports rape culture.

There are several big points he, and you, are missing. First, the “man-hating lesbian image” is a strawman. It is an image used to discredit feminist points without actually trying to come up with a counter argument.

Second, feminism BENEFITS men. A lot of the issues that MRAs bring up are addressed by feminism. The problems men face (harder times with custody cases, only males registering for the draft, etc.) are A: all connected to problems women face (women are expected to be mothers and pursue domestic lives, women aren’t allowed to serve in active military, etc.), and B: are caused and promoted by the patriarchy. Our government, the media – most positions of power are held by men.

A few examples…women have always been pushed into the domestic circle. Yes, that is bad for men today who want to live domestic lives and are ridiculed / have trouble with custody battles, but that is the side effect of a huge problem for women. The “women and children first” which MRAs like to complain about is linked to the fact that women are viewed as precious cargo as opposed to actual human beings. Trust me, I’m pretty sure most of us would rather be respected as human beings than treated like fragile objects. Because that’s what it is – women used to be treated like property, and that continues today in more subtle ways. So yes, men do have troubles, but men overwhelmingly hold postions of power, as they always have throughout history, and the problems women face are systemic.

So no. It isn’t about humanism – it is about problems specifically geared at women, that have been that way all throughout human history. That’s why we call it feminism. Because it is direct oppression of women – not oppression of humans in general. Yes, the patriarchy hurts men too, but it does not oppress them on a systemic level. And if you can’t get behind feminism because it isn’t one hundred percent about men, then that’s just super shitty.

My problem with feminist extremists is that they try and make it so Men get treated worse instead of making it so Women are treated better. This turns something that should be inherently positive(Fuck yeah equality!) into a series of negatives.

I find this is true in almost every equality movement.

Even the way it’s worded is negative! “Don’t treat that Woman any different then a man because that’s sexist!” is so NEGATIVE. Why can’t it just be “Don’t treat that PERSON any different because everyone is a PERSON and deserves the same base level of respect and kindness as any other person.”

Remove “Woman” and “Sexist” and replace them with any label and label for mistreating them and it holds true.

Everyone on this planet is a person even if it’s for a good cause don’t spread negativity by bringing others down there is no victory or equality taking place.

Sorry if this is LATE or poorly thought out/worded I’m just speaking from my heart as someone who hates the negativity that happens in the name of equality.

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