I am afraid of a lot of things.


Actually, it’s octopodi. Octopus is a Greek word, but because English has taken so much from Latin and Greek, but Latin is more commonly recognized, everyone bastardized it with a Latin suffix instead of its original Greek plural suffix -odi. However, “octopuses,” “octopi,” and “octopodi” are all recognized as acceptable words in modern English.

Bedbugs suck.
I only got itchy bites, so the actual biting part wasn’t so bad.
It was the thought that you could give someone else bed bugs that drove me crazy. I’d feel worried that I hadn’t washed my clothes enough or that they’d hitched a ride since I nuked my backpack and that they were slowly crawling onto my friends and teachers and into their homes.
Just, yeah.

I am eternally grateful to whatever God there may or may not be that spiders don’t fly. I don’t think I would ever leave the house.

I am also totally with you on the octopi thing. I would broaden that to pretty much everything in the ocean. Have you seen pictures of the stuff crawling around down there? All manner of incompatible lovecraftian monstrosities, insect-like, vermiculate, crustacean, twitching feelers, rasping wings, slimy coils, curling tentacles, bulbous eyes, grinning jaws, horns, stings, mandibles. Things that squash and squelch through midnight blackened waters. No monstrous union of superhuman intelligence and insatiable cruelty seem to me anything but likely in inky depths of frigid ocean. I don’t go in the ocean if I can help it.

I think the people who are afraid of horses are probably the smart ones, haha. Us stupid people are the ones saying “Oh, a thousand-pound, highly unpredictable, fast-moving beast that could easily kill us? Well hot damn, give me 10! While we’re at it, we’ll strap a saddle to it’s back and ride it over 6 foot fences and chase cows with it.”

Ahhh, I love horses. Risking your life being around them suddenly becomes worth it when they fall asleep in your arms.

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