Etiquette Only Has One T

…I learned this after it became essentially the most popular thing I’ve ever made. I’ve since fixed it! Hooray!


My favorite is when my co-worker touches my tattoos and says” wow, why are they so soft?”…. “Um… just my skin, being soft.” Weird

what also cracks me up is those people who give you elaborate back-stories to tattoos they have…. WHEN YOU DIDN’T ASK! lol!


I only recently discovered your website – from site…. – and I’m so glad that I did. I wish I could give a decent monetary contribution. Unfortunately our currency exchange is absolutely shite. So I figured I’d contribute with a comment. A ‘cheap’ way to feed the inner beast, but effective nonetheless.

I don’t know what you think of her, so I hope I don’t insult in my attempt in paying a compliment, but you’re work – and what you have revealed through it – reminds me a great deal of Amanda Palmer. I pick up that same sense of an inner (and perhaps outer based on your picture) free spirit. Amanda celebrates her strangeness, her scars, her pains, and lives wholeheartedly because she knows that’s what makes her the unique person she is. She celebrates herself and that’s what I pick up from you. It’s not egotism to embrace who you are. If anything, it’s something to be deeply admired as so few achieve that. And I definitely admire that. I have only read as far as I am posting this comment now, so I don’t know how much you’ve continued the trend of openness in the future, but it’s taken a ton of guts having noted your observations in such a delightful medium. I sincerely hope you continue it further along the way.

It gives one the opportunity to smile and think at the same time. I thought your ‘tale’ about the tattoos was very poignant. You managed to say so much in so little words and in such a simplistic, relatable way. I loved that.

So all the best in your future endeavors. And know you’ve allowed another someone to just simply absorb and think and relax. I’m hardly a free spirit, but I deeply admire those who are. They give balance to the world.

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