Downward spiral

It gets hard to get hopeful when the news is this bleak, doesn’t it?

The last point is a personal one – every year in Dartmouth, Halifax’s sister city, there’s a concert called Summer Rush. This year, guess who’s headlining?! Yes, the one and only Chris Brown, reknowned performer and the guy who rearranged Rhianna’s face and then got a tattoo of a battered woman on his neck. Rogers has since pulled their sponsorshop of the show in a surprisingly thoughtful PR move, but it intends to go on. Speaking out against the show, feminists and other decent human beings have come under fire from loyal fans. It’s a shitshow that unfortunately follows up Halifax’s most recent claim to fame – a girl who committed suicide after being bullied as a result of being raped. Great! Wonderful.

It’s a lot to take. I try not to get too political with my comics most of the time, often because I worry I don’t have all the details, but this week has a lot of us feeling defeated. A man shoots an unarmed kid and gets off with no charges? Texas passes a bill which essentially denies the vast majority of the women in the state access to safe and affordable reproductive health care? Nobody has bitch-slapped Rick Perry yet?

A poignant member of Team Breezy yesterday told me to walk into heavy traffic, and it’s sounding better and better all the time.

At least we had Sharknado.


Hello Kate,
I really like your comics a lot. And I know that the past week has been a really rough one. I think, especially in the wake of the Trayvon Martin decision, a lot of people have felt like the wind has been kicked out of them. But I just wanted to say, after reading this comic and the post underneath it, how important and significant and helpful I believe it is that there are people like you willing to take the time to articulate their feelings in such a sincere and interesting way. I think it’s natural to sometimes feel hopeless and powerless, especially when there’s so much around you that is so obviously and intensely wrong. But I truly believe that anyone who is willing to communicate with other people in a genuine way, through drawing comics or writing or just talking to someone, is doing something so positive and so meaningful. I think that when someone expresses themselves sincerely, even if they are expressing that they feel hopeless and powerless, they are saying to everybody who feels the same way that they are not alone. And in that way, they are strengthening themselves and empowering those around them. I think that the more we all communicate with each other, the more we will all realize how much we have in common, how much we share the same fears and frustrations and anxieties and hopes and wishes. So I understand why you’re not feeling great, but I think there are a lot of people who read this comic and knew exactly what you meant and how you’re feeling, and ultimately I think that makes us all a little stronger and a little less alone. So thank you very much for your excellent work, and I hope you keep it up.

As a woman who fought the bill in Texas, I want to thank you for bringing it up. Our battle has just begun and we wont take this decision laying down.

Cheers to you! It’s wonderful to hear from people doing so! I just designed some wedding buttons for a couple who were there for Wendy Davis’ filibuster… How can I say no?

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