Double standards

Featuring a guest appearance from… Commissioner Gordon?! I drew him after starting to draw the same stock ‘dude’ that I usually do, then trying to branch out. Now he’s a Nova Scotian grandpa!

This happens to me every time I go out without makeup. People ask me if I’m tired/sick/hungover. It’s something!


Well, you could cover patches under the eyes. Due some strange specifics of my face structure I always look like I haven’t slept for a week, but unfortunately using make-up isn’t socially acceptable for me since I’m male.

Ah~ I have dark circles under my eyes cause its hereditary. I tend to cover it up during the winter cause paleness + dark circles = sickly dead person.

Which is apparently sexy to some people. So rock that perpetual tired look!

I know of so many women* who got/get this! It’s ridiculous! (Aren’t people used to normal, natural faces anymore?)
I myself usually don’t do makeup (just too lazy and untalented for that kind of stuff) so people are used to my looking like a walking corpse-vampire princess. But I get the opposite effect: compliments for “how nice I look TODAY” when every few months I do put on some mascara or wear something a little more fancy (thanks, so normally I look like crap?)…

Yeah *sighs* Ever since I got rid of my acne, I wear less makeup and get more compliments now….but I used to get that ALL the time. “omg you sick?” or “You look tired” or “You should try this and this and this to get rid of X and Y”
Now, I’ve learned less is more XD

I remember the first time I told someone I knew the same thing and then saw the difference without. I was very surprised. Then later she learned to strike a balance a bit more. Less but not none, and it was dead on.

This is really funny though. Great work.

i love this comic because not only is your style perfect, but you can tell that you’re from the maritimes by the way the man was talking ^^;
hope that made sense!

Silly Kate. “You don’t need makeup” doesn’t actually mean you don’t need MAKEUP. It means the colorful decorative stuff that’s supposed to be noticed. Most guys have no idea what foundation and mascara are/do. If they see a girl just wearing that they think her face is naked.

Hai Kate! I just found this lovely site the other day (Neil Gaiman re-tumblered it :P) And have been continuous reading all the site! I love it!

Tho, this one in particular was right in my face! This happens to me ALL the f*ing time! (I’ve always been kinnda of a gothgirl and looove to do my makeup, bult latly I’ve been lazy and working and yeah, you know..)
So anyway, I wanted to share this bit on my Facebookpage (linking here ofc) But my browser says I’m not allowed to, I just dont wanna copy/paste your work so I ask here instead, may I share this piece with my friends?


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