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I don’t have much of an update to go with this – I got tattooed this afternoon for SEVERAL hours and my friends are downstairs offering me alcohol and movies. I’m only human!

I had a time at SPX and I hope to have some new things in the store ASAP. I will be at NYCC and on a panel with The Mary Sue, as well as attending the Night Vale panel on Friday. Hooray! All over New York! I will be teaming up with recent birthday girl Betty Felon to have mad hangouts, and potentially tabling with Boom! for part of the weekend. Busy busy!

Ok, booze is calling my name. Keep up with me on tumblr & twitter!


Great reminder! I just had a conversation with my son about this. One of his former band mates had posted a 10-year-old photo of their black metal band on Reddit. I couldn’t believe how cruel the comments were, and they were made by seemingly random, anonymous young men. They definitely didn’t know any of the members of the band. A couple of the guys in the photo stayed chill and answered any of the real questions that were asked about the photo. But mostly it was a mosh pit of comments that served no purpose other than to tear down people these guys didn’t even know.

Love this reminder. I’m going to share it on my Facebook. Thanks.

But when something is really shitty, it’s our duty to say that. there’s nothing worse than an ‘artist’ who thinks that (s)he’s a genious.

You don’t have any duty. It’s the ego of the internet voyeur that convinces them they are the judge of the world. And removed from the threat of a real-time punch in the face, people gleefully spit venom.

It’s nothing more than self-aggrandizement and worse than any supposed “illegitimate” artist narcissistic internet dwellers believe they must take down.

Normally I don’t comment, but I feel I should here. There’s a vast gulf of difference between constructive criticism and petty insults. Putting something you’ve created out into the world for other people to view isn’t an easy thing. You wouldn’t walk up to somebody busking in the street and start telling them they’re terrible musicians, there’s absolutely no reason why you’d do the same online for somebodies artwork.

Speaking from personal experience (in my case, writing), I don’t mind being given tips on how to improve what I do. Constructive criticism can really help me with my writing style, be it phrased as “I liked the bit where ‘x’ happened, but it seemed a little long-winded” or “Character Y could do with being a bit more consistent, they seem a bit all over the place right now”. Though the comment still criticises my work, it does so in a way that lets me understand what could be improved should I want to change it. That said, I’m not always actively looking for that criticism. Generally, if I want feedback, I’ll ask for it. That doesn’t mean I’m swanning around with the opinion that I’m the greatest writer on earth, quite the opposite, I don’t see myself as much more than mediocre, it just means that I want to share what I’ve written with the world.

Having someone say I’m a bad writer, and only saying that, is just destructive. All the comment does is damage my self-esteem, it doesn’t offer any way for me to improve on myself and instead just leaves me feeling incompetent.

What I’m basically trying to say is, if you absolutely *have* to criticise somebodies work, then:

1) Talk to them like you would a person on the street, there’s never an excuse to treat somebody any less than that.

2) Actually be constructive with your comment, try to explain what you think can be improved, but bear in mind it may be a stylistic choice. You shouldn’t complain about the absence of Dubstep in Bach’s complete works.

3) As has been said, it’s not your “duty” to insult a person’s work. “You’re bad and you should feel bad” is a terrible way to talk to a person.

/long comment

Just as a side note, Kate, I’ve just finished reading through your comics archive. They’re really impressive, I think you’ve handled the issues within them really well.

Does this mean it’s also everyone’s duty to tell you that your comment is shitty, and there is nothing worse than you because you think you’re a “genious?” I don’t actually think that and I don’t mean to be offensive, but my point is that your comment seems very rude and inconsiderate. Perhaps you meant to say constructive criticism is a duty (though that’s very different from saying something “is really shitty”)?

If a person produces something creative they are an artist, no quotes needed. Developing confidence as an artist is so incredibly difficult the last thing anyone needs is other people trying to rip that away. Constructive criticism is helpful, but constructive is the key word. “Your lettering is a bit difficult to read you could try doing x,y, and z to improve” is great. “You’re comic is bad and you should feel bad” is never appropriate.

If there is something “shitty” then zip your mouth shut if you have no “professional” words to say. Saying something that “sucks” or its “total shit” is very unprofessional to say. In College+ or in High School you are EXPECTED to give a critique and how can they improve if the work doesn’t look good. Don’t just be an asshole and say “this sucks, its shitty”

In the art world, many people are just going to point and laugh at you or they will get hurt. Give a good damn critique otherwise keep your mouth shut and move on.

If I don’t like something someone has made, I usually just click away from it and let others enjoy it. My only exception to the rule is if the topic is more harmful than tearing down someone else. If it’s something like a comic glorifying rape or the like, I do feel I need to speak up. However, beyond that I just keep my mouth shut and move on.

It isn’t anybody’s duty either to point out that GENIUS is spelled without an O.

If you don’t like something, just DON’T comment. That kinda silence speaks volumes.

I found that one via 9gag and searched the source through google image search

Now that I went though every single one of your short comics, I have to say that I get the impression that you are a wonderful human being with a great sense of humor. I love your story telling and your style. You motivated me a lot, to keep my art going and to try out such personal comics by myself – thank you for that.

Especially the message of the one above is something that makes me sad, we have a saying in germany that is like “Live and let live” which I think is a good way to get along in a lot of situations – because people bitch too much about others lifes, and their way of dealing with stuff they mostly dont know/think/care about every detail which leads to their decions. All that counts is that you’re happy by yourself – no matter how you archieve that :) (that doesnt go for mass murderes) So I think, if someone is happy – even if you can’t easily understand how – its the best to be happy for them :)

Well that was all (and more) I wanted to say – with all my typos and grammar fails – I wish you the best, keep your inspiring and beautiful art going :)
Good night

So, I made my way here from xoJane yesterday, blasted through your archive, and like many others, I’m kind of a little bit in love with you. Your comics make me snort and also cry and also I keep sending them to my partners and just… love all around. Particularly the last one; way to make the rest of us 25-year-olds look bad :p

You are a supreme badass, and I’m sorry I won’t make your NYCC panel this year, because I bet it’s gonna be awesome.

Hey, Kate,

I’ve been seeing your stuff for a month or two, I guess, and I just wanted to say how much I love your comics. I don’t usually read comics, but I just love yours because you talk about everything in them, love, life, sexuality, funny and sad stuff. Sometimes I think “Am I the only one going through this stuff?” and then I come here and see that I’m not the only one and this helps a lot. It’s kinda weird how I can identify more with someone so far away from me than with my friends right here in Brazil – By the way, I’m from Brazil. Anyway, I just wanted to say how much I love your comics.

PS: I also think you’re really pretty.

I love your webcomic so much! It really has inspired me, and made me feel like being a bisexual is welcomed somewhere. I finally admitted it to myself last year, and have yet to come out to my family, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to. I just married a guy I’d been dating for 5 years. He knows and accepts all of me. But yeah, enough rambling, I just wanted you to know I relate to your comics, and I will continue to read and support you! You are awesome!

I found one of your comics this morning in some strange corner of the internet and golly gee am I glad I did. I’ve spent the better part of the day catching up on all your comics and I just have to comment to tell you that I love every single one of them. First I find your beautifully sensitive while still funny strips about sexuality or the lack thereof, and then I find that not only are you queer like me you’re a feminist, tattooed, warrior princess loving comic fan. I know I only met (lawl, internet) you this morning but please, will you marry me?

Keep being awesome, I’m looking forward to more amazing comics from you and reading Locke and Key on your recommendation (I hadn’t heard of it before, blasphemy I know).

Peace out, lots of feminist armour-clad princess hugs from a fellow queer-as-cake feminist.

PS. This comment has nothing to do with this strip, but I didn’t want to comment on every strip because that would probably be like stalking and if you think I’m stalking you then you’ll never agree to marry me.

PPS. Marry meeeeeeee (in a few years when it’s legal for two ladies to get hitched – I’m thinking matching Princess Serenity dresses)

When I used to work for a comedy blog back in the day, I created an infographic that was also posted on Buzzfeed. I was hoping for good feedback (what was I thinking?) so I jumped to the comments section. The number of snarky put-downs and the row of broken black heart icons was appalling. I was upset for days!

So, I’d learned the hard way that not everyone on the internet is going to like me. Remember this: For every person who says a shitty thing in the comments section, there are 100 people who admire your art silently. (Those nice people out there really oughta comment more often, eh?)

Anyway, keep up your amazing comics! I live in Toronto, so maybe I’ll see you at TCAF next spring!

Once upon a time I did my own webcomic. I always remembered that when I started reviewing them… and thus make sure never to insult the cartoonist and to treat the work with respect. Even if I dislike something… a lot of hard work and effort went into this work of art and storytelling. So respect that work, even if you don’t like it. (Then again, I’m preaching to the choir I suspect…)

Dear Kate,

I saw this post of Yours on 9GAG. Posted by IFRANFLATRONZ (AKA. Ivan Flatronz) You know him? :)

Just checking. Not being a ‘by-stander’ *shrugs* OkayPeaceBye.

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