Kate or Die is in a strange little comic. Half-autobiographical and insanely personal, half commentary on pop culture – I’m not sure what it is, sometimes. This is what it is today.

I posted a comic awhile back about starting therapy, and I intend to do a follow-up. It’s been enormously helpful. I don’t think I was close to aware of the way I was treating myself, how much I had compartmentalized and what it was doing to me. It’s been good to talk. To actually be honest, not just internet-comics-honest.

I’m not lying in this comic – I had an actual conversation with one of my best friends the day before I went on the second date with this guy that consisted of “I hate this city, I’m lonely and going insane, I’m leaving forever.” Then, this guy. This fucking guy.

Life sure likes to remind me how little I’m really in charge of. Like the witch says, I couldn’t be happier.

SO, on another note – check out my latest ComicsAlliance piece. It’s about LGBTQ representation in all-ages media and I hope you’ll like it!

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