Do unto others…

Hello! My comic updates have been erratic, as I was moving house. I am getting back into the swing of things! Be a good person, whatever that means to you. Nothing is cooler than genuinely believing in yourself and your friends! How punk rock is that? We are all going to die some day.


‘Good’ people can be hard to recognise.
Easiest way I guess is to be nice to as many as possible until they aren’t.

Well I mean if you’re not a jerk to as many people as possible maybe you’ll make sure to hit all the good people with non-jerkness? Maybe? Glad to see you’re back!

Such simple rules :) People who keep you down are blocking your way, and there’s no need for that, we don’t need to surround ourselves with them! For space is plentiful, but time is not. (I wrote an article on this about 3 weeks ago: ). I love your webcomic, but I love your take on life and on the important issues such as self image, equality, and growth even more. Keep on drawing and we’ll keep on reading.

I criticize people on their outfit all the time is that wrong
Nobody says anything but maybe they’re just being polite? Is it harmless?!? Am I hurting their feelings!?! Wouldn’t they say something!? ARE YOU ACTUALLY WEARING THAT SCARF IN PUBLIC THOSE COLORS ARE JUST NASTY

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