Depression: fun for the whole nobody!

I’m really into making cute & approachable comics about hard subjects, but it’s a challenge to make depression and suicidal tendencies ‘adorkable.’ Still, they are very important things to talk about!


Your art does a great job telling the stories you’re trying to tell, and I’m super glad you’re making them. I just found your work via another artist friend’s tumblr and I’m loving the honesty and reflective qualities of your work. Thank you so much for making and putting these out there.

Oh my god your art us so cute and perfect it’s stupid. I’m going to read EVERYTHING! and I’m going to enjoy the shit out of it.

PS your views on sexuality and feminism are the best.

You really know how to cut the core, Kate. That comic is exactly how my life was, when i was in the darker days of my depression. Things are brighter after lots of treatment and therapy, but ive been so far into the abyss of darkness and despair in the past. Your art is awesome, and i mean that with no sarcasm, just genuine admiration. :)

This sounds like me… I was also told that I don’t have depression… I have “depressive episodes”. Unfortunately the details weren’t really explained to me, so I’m still not entirely sure what that means…

This sounds a tiny bit similar to me. I’m always sorry and find what I do is wrong. And tend to hate on myself. But I’m not sad really.. I have a wonderful man in my life helping me love myself.
Although unfortunately, I’m in massive amounts of pain and my body seems to be getting weaker each day.
But it didn’t show up on the X-rays. So it must be depression. ._.
Kate, your comics are so inspiring, I love you! =) As a person and a fellow artist.

A word of encouragement: I’m very inspired by your comics and they way they are helping me see the world.

If you ever have doubts, know that you are doing great work!

Holy crap! You’re in the same boat as me! How’d you get on this boat, huh? HUH? o.O

Oh, wait… it’s YOUR boat? Sorry… my bad. I’m sure I left mine here somewhere… *wanders off, steps into water, floats away.*

At Dalhousie University in Halifax, NS they have a puppy room where stressed out and depressed students can play with puppies and kittens to help cope with the rigours of post secondary education.

This is how I feel about my anxiety.
I really love how relatable and wonderful these are! Plus your art is amazing <3

I know that feel bro. I know that feel.

LUL, my art is like 70% slightly complex stick figures (ala Pendelton Ward (sort of)). And I get depressed like you describe too. But it’s seeing you and others share stuff like this that makes me realize that it’s totally normal, and that we’ll all probably be OK in a little while.

Thanks, and fantastical art BTW. I shall use this as a source of inspiration.

Sinceerz Yours,


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