Dear Diaries

I have been doing a series of daily comics over on my tumblr for no reason other than my friend Kelly bought me what may be the world’s nicest sketchbook and I feel a compulsive need to fill it. I don’t have a set plan or end date for them, but I’ve done quite a few so far! You can read them by clicking HERE. I am trying to push myself to attempt new things and write more often. Some of them are sexy!

I’m not hosting them on this site (for now) because I’m not sure if it fits quite right. More stand-alone comics coming your way soon, though!


Happy Pride! We had ours in Toronto over the Canada Day long weekend. Everybody got those “lollipops” and soooo many free beaded necklaces. Was a blast.
Can’t wait to check out your tumblr!

When it said the lollipops were “often confused with condoms”, I thought it said “infused with condoms”. I was totally blown away.

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