Bisexuality: Pt 4

The last in the series, before I worried about becoming a one-note joke. I’d just about got it out of my system at this point. I also started using rulers!


This Bisexuality comic was the first comic I read of yours, reposted on somebody’s tumblr. But I only saw the first three and never saw the fourth part. Then I saw another comic of yours reposted again, it made me go back and read all your comics (hence the flood of comment coming from me). I love these! You totally have a new fan. I also added your tumblr feed too.

To be fair, I knew girls in high school who did actually claim to be bi-sexual for the attention, so sometimes that is a legitimate gripe. As someone who was actually bi-sexual, there are no words to describe the amount of WUT? I felt towards those people.

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