Bisexuality: Pt 3

The original version of this ended with the phrase “Why bother slutting it up?” which was, of course, a terrible idea. It was my first real exposure to online criticism, and people were right! It’s been a hard road to figuring out when I should push people’s boundaries and when I should think twice about my wording. I’m happy with how it ended up.


Kate, your comics are so charming! It’s nice to have them all in the one spot here to binge on. I felt moved to comment, just to say that I’m glad the internet didn’t scare you off approaching topics like these. People can be very unkind to those just starting out exploring feminism (etc) if the slightest slip-up in terminology is used. So I have a lot of respect for you for deciding to keep learning and keep presenting your sometimes-controversial and very personal thoughts in comics. Yay you!

This one always hit home hard. It’s pretty much what everyone has every said to me every time I’ve come out to them.

T_T I think you’ve managed to voice everything I feel and am in just a few panels and adorable drawings. I shouldn’t feel so connected to someone I don’t know and have never spoken to, but you have voiced everything I have gone through as well as am going through thus far in my life in a relateable and humorous way.

Love it! Btw, I have always liked the term, person-specific! Gender doesn’t matter to me. And I don’t like that the term used to define us assumes there are only 2 genders. Glad I came across this, now I can follow you!

Great cartoon! The best way I describe it to my freinds is just that I am ‘gender blind’ when it comes to falling in love.

Love this. :3 And I especially love how you added the fact that being bisexual doesn’t make you non-monogamous, instead of saying “a slut”. I myself am both bisexual and polyamorous, so I’ve gotten all those questions and then some. :/ The whole ‘threesome’ thing or people assuming I’m easy is the worst.

I was so happy to read this! I am bisexual and I totally identify with that feeling of being accepted by neither the straight nor queer communities. It was comforting and enjoyable to see these feelings articulated with sincerity, humor, and adorable drawings. I really dig your comics. Keep up the good work.

It’s really hard for me because even I am bi, my family doesn’t believe me. They just think I’m going through a phrase and it sucks cause it hurts.

But if you are bisexual and you do want to be non-monogamous and/ or have group sex, that’s great, too! If you want to be promiscuous, go for it! If you want to experiment with people of diverse genders, even if you aren’t sure about your sexual orientation, that’s also totally fine!

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