Bisexuality: Pt 2

In the continuation of what would become a 4-part series, I talk about some double-standards and issues that come up from time to time. It remains one of my most popular comics, hooray! That is, by the way, David Bowie. It’s hard to tell.


The double standard is sooo true. Telling a girl that I am bi on a date was like giving somebody a crappy Christmas present. I know it is bad when they repeat what you say, “oh, your bi” much like when they say the name of the gift, “oh, socks.” What they are thinking, “oh great, damaged goods.”

Although I do agree with the double standard, unfortunately (or fairly if you want to look at it that way?) for me this has not been the case. When I mention a guy I’m going out with that I’m bisexual, they tend to *try* to be cool with it, but their face says otherwise. It also gets more complicated when I’m in a relationship with a guy, and he freaks out with every girl I hang out with. Which I guess it’s reasonable, but it annoys me as much (if not more) as freaking out about a guy friend.

I saw your face in the newspaper! Congrats on your book and doing really cool things. It led me to this site and I am loving these feminist, bisexuality comics, like, so much.

aww i dont know if the double standard is that cool for us girls? whenever i tell someone i’m bi, while i’ve of course meet amazingly supportive and understanding people, i’ve also had girls think i’m gonna hit on them, and boys go all “so you’ve kissed a girl, go kiss a girl” and stuff. and people that think bisexuality is just a fad or that i need to make up my mind (surprisingly, i’ve gotteng this from both homosexuals and heterosexuals?), etc.
to be honest the girl-on-girl “acceptance” feels more like a cover for the fetishization of lesbian couples. back then when i was still with my girlfriend, the amount of times we got asked to kiss in parties by (creepy) dudes and then she got hit on by the same dudes that saw her as a “challenge” because she was “homosexual only because she hadn’t found the right guy yet”…. //sad

Bisexuality sounds awesome. This is probably going to come off douchey sounding, but i kinda wish i was bi sometimes, not so I could kiss guys or nuttin’, but because of what that guy said on Game of Thrones that one time (No spoilers). “Then everyone is missing half the world’s pleasure. The gods made that, and it delights me. The gods made this… and it delights me. When it comes to war I fight for Dorne, when it comes to love — I don’t choose sides.”

I don’t want to miss out on half the world’s pleasure, but alas I am strait.

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