Bisexuality: Pt 1

The first comic of mine that took off online was this loosely-outlined take on bisexuality, long before I knew how the internet felt about terminology! I believe some print versions had the 10th panel changed to “And it can be confusing, with so many different terms.” This is the original, though!


When purely measuring bodily response & exposing people to same gender sexual imagery, something like 80% of people register as varying degrees of bisexual. Would be cool if someday gender and sexuality conditioning relaxed enough to allow people to accept that about themselves.

(I am bisexual) and this is so true. The worst part is getting flack from gays/heterosexuals who believe it doesn’t exist at all and I just haven’t “picked a side”

Oh man! I laughed out loud at “use the label as a way to simplify things”. It would be difficult for me to say “I’m primarily attracted to women, but I have been attracted to men, and I need a true emotional bond for anything physical to feel nice, including kissing.”

(I am glad I discovered the term “demisexual”, though it’s a but too personal to share with your coworkers.) : )

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