The part when someone says “Shut up” is when these poor persecuted bigots will stamp their feet and yell about how the “homosexual agenda” is silencing them and violating their first amendment ri…blablablabla….

Yay! I finally found the Taco Shirt! I started reading like 30 minutes ago and I gotta say, your comics are amazing. I found out about your comic by browsing around the Topatoco store. Cute shirt too. Gonna buy it tomorrow/soon. Too late right now, I’m hardly awake right now. Oh god need to sleep.

Whenever I see the ”fuck you lady” from the taco, I think of Wanda Mann in ”The Game of You” telling off the gods/goddesses
Can we all be the best taco, or is there a taco code?

I take exactly the same approach to people who say they don’t believe in marriage.
It doesn’t matter whether or not you acknowledge it, it’s a thing. Don’t pretend you have the deciding vote.

Thank you for this. I can’t tell you how often I am told that me being asexual is just a phase and/or that there is no such thing. I am almost 30 now… :-/

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