Do I have to use some text for this to work?


ah man…
there like no proper comic shops in Austria
only for Disney n sht…

definitely tha creep haha

thumpsupforthoselinesondigitalpaper (“D)

Ugh my husband is totally the conversation jacker, but that’s everywhere we go. It’s so annoying.

* New agey nerd girl (me)
* Mr I Only Read B&W Comics
* Guy who is looking for the next ‘Sandman’ replacement
* Heavy Metal t-shirt
* Awkward girlfriend
* Archival Knowledge Dude (listen to bizarre factoids!)
* Someone who really, really wishes he/she had been born in Japan

Self aware loud fan girl is totally me, I just get so excited I squeak then I spend the rest of my time apologizing and hiding.

Haha! I am overly pleased with myself for not fitting on this list!

I’m the person who will always go into comic (also book) stores and ask for suggestions~ I may not always buy them but I do like to see what other people suggest.

That is in fact how I ended up reading your lovely comics~

The comic shop phases of my life:

1) Best job ever.
2) Punk rock girl (1980s version of goth)
3) Loud fangirl.
4) Bazinga shirt (actually local Chapel Hill artists’ airbrushed cartoon t’s, but essentially the same thing)
5) I still dig esoteric, in-joke t-shirts, but I’m a gray lady with a tween of my own. I still love comics, too.

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