Apple Spice and Caramel and Cinnamon!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Today I drank Pumpkin Pie tea and burned my apple spice candle and if I could fill my bedroom with candy corn and crunchy leaves and brown sugar-flavoured trick-or-treaters, I would.



I have recently discovered the joys of pumpkin tea. Where has it been all my life?! Now if somebody would only harness the scent of Fall (you know the one) and make it in to candle….

There was a time I was going to get a tattoo of a pumpkin with “pum’kin” below it.
That time is when I have the money spare. Or when scratch-n-sniff tattoos are invented.

Just imagine the possibilities behind scratch-n-sniff body art:

-Never needing to buy cologne again
-Rough sex would no longer smell like rough sex, but of old spice
-Covering up a scent trail would be easy, should you be accosted by bloodhounds
-Scented Mustache tattoos would make for successful smelling salts should you be rendered unconscious (or self defense against unwanted rough kisses)

It is my goal in life to try every pumpkin beer ever made. And most pumpkin-flavoured foods. So I’m with you on filling a room with crushed leaves and cinnamon and smoky dark rainy cool evening breezes…

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